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Monarch Small Business Consulting specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory.  We do that by offering expert consulting services.  Here are some examples of services that we offer and what they can do for you:

Sales Training and Scripts

Most business owners are not sales people, they know their business and their own products and services but they may not know the best way to sell those things to their clients. Our professional sales trainers will develop a comprehensive sales system designed for your specific business and for your specific customer base. Our sales systems are based on your customer’s specific demographics.  We research your buyers and we structure a unique system to sell to them. We keep things simple for you and for your employees so whether you have a professional sales force or not, you will be able to sell like you do.


We offer our clients turn-key sales systems and scripts, neither you nor your employees need any sales experience. We send you simple easy to use sales materials that you can read through and start using the same day. If you don’t have sales people, these programs will turn your existing employees into a sales team, if you DO have sales people then these programs will improve your sales rates dramatically.

Telemarketing Training and Scripts

Whether you have an outgoing sales call program, a huge phone room to handle incoming sales calls or just one person answering the phone, you can benefit from our telemarketing training and scripts. We can show your small business how to maximize every phone call you get and how to turn your telephone into a profit center. We will show you how to generate sales using just your telephone with both incoming and outgoing sales scripts. You don’t need to be a professional telemarketer, all you need is a phone line and we can help you utilize it. Instead of having someone just answer the phone and say “Thank you for calling this place of business”, we will provide you with proven sales methods and telephone scripts that are designed for your specific customers and for your specific needs. These phone scripts and training will provide you with a better way to answer your phone and to turn a random caller into a buyer. We will show you how to create real interest from your customers and how to move them from just shopping to buying.


When it comes to outgoing sales calls, most people hate to make them.  For most people sales calls are no fun and “cold calling” is the worst. In general even professional sales people do not do enough cold calling or sales calls in general. The reason is that they don't see results and they just don't know what to say. Our programs will not only teach you what to say and how to say it, but we will show you how to get even a cold call customer to welcome hearing from you, to listen to what you have to say and turn into a buyer as well as a referral machine that will send you back even more customers. Our proven methods and scripts offer you a way to become a telephone superstar.

Marketing Plans

We develop marketing plans for companies without marketing departments. The majority of our clients have never done a marketing plan, at most they have written a couple of newspaper classified ads, or a phone book ad, and that's it. Usually the most experience they may have had is buying radio or television advertising. When we ask our clients what kind of results have their previous marketing efforts have produced we tend to get an answer like "Well I am not really sure". A lot of our clients have thrown their money away trying to advertise in a random shotgun pattern kind of way. Many small business owners are frustrated by that approach, and so they shy away from it. Our marketing plans are tailored to your budget and to your goals. We will show you the best way to spend your advertising dollars and get results. Instead of doing a random ad in a newspaper, we will show you how to do concerted marketing, like how to fit your phone scripts to match an ad you are going to run, or how to brand your advertising to match flyers that you post around your neighborhood, on up to massive direct mail campaigns, email blitzes that work with your full page newspaper ads and web presence as well as TV spots.


We can show a client with a $50 marketing budget how to maximize their results, just as easily as we can handle marketing plans for companies with a $100,000 monthly advertising budget.

Needs Assessments

Invariable we find that when a new business is getting started there are things that owners and managers forget that they are going to need, or never knew about in the first place. I myself have seen the owner of a business have to basically shut down his operations so that he could run to an office supply store and buy a stapler, or another business owner who bought a top of the line phone system, and forgot to buy phone cords. Those things may seem minor but they are costing people money right now.


Let alone the bigger more important needs from things like office or manufacturing equipment, to licensing, bonding and insurance needs, where entrepreneurs didn't know what they didn't know until it was too late. What about personnel needs? Do you need a lawyer? Does your business need a book keeper? Our team will help you to figure out those things. Every business is unique, and so are their needs. One of our consultants can walk you through your plans and see what sort of things you will need to have done. We provide our clients with advice and with insight into what they will benefit from in the future.

Capital Location

We've all heard the old cliché "It takes money, to make money". For many entrepreneurs finding the money to start or expand a business is the main thing holding them back.


They worry about having enough money or having a safety net, or even just the initial funds. We can help. Instead of trying to navigate the world of grants and loans on your own, our company can show you the best funding sources for you. There are literally thousands of government programs available, the problem is that they are not easy to find or to get. Some people throw away hundreds of dollars on books that promise to show you how to get grants, only to find that the information is vague or does not apply to them, or to find that programs have ended. Then there are the hassles and headaches of dealing with the SBA and with banks. Banks that don't want to lend you money unless you already have money! We can help you to find excellent funding sources, regardless of your credit, or how much money you already have. We can work with banks and all sorts of other capital sources. We can help you to find the money that you need to start or expand your small business.

Sales Events

Our team of marketing and event professionals can design themed events for our clients. These types of events create a sense of urgency and get your customers in the door or on the phone to purchase your products or service TODAY! Our events are based on your specific business, market, situation and client demographics. We get the incredible result that we do, by making sure that every event is tailor made to help you reach your goals. From off-site tents events, to weekend door buster sales, grand openings to anniversary sales, we can tailor an event weekend extravaganza to any client’s budget. Tell us your goals and your budget and we will show you how to make this weekend your BEST weekend!

Market and Research Analysis

How can you sell your products or service to customers that you don’t understand or know? Or team of market researchers can find out everything that you need to know about your potential customers. Would you like to know the average income in your market? How about the rate of home ownership, average debt, average education level? Would you like to know how many people in your area have recently shopped for a product or service like yours? Would it help you to sell to know the credit scores of your clients? Well our researchers can find out all of that information and much, much more. That is how we are able to customize all of our programs to our individual client’s needs. We research dozens of data points and analyze the results, then we provide you with a comprehensive market analysis.  That is one reason why we are able to serve our clients so well.  

Debt Re-negotiation

If your business is having problems because of debts that you are having trouble repaying then we can help. We will contact your creditors and get them to work with you to restructure your debts. Creditors want their money, they do not want to see you default on what you owe them and that motivates them to work with you. Our credit specialists can often help you to get extensions on upcoming deadlines, and get you extra time to repay. If you are being buried by penalty fees for things like late payments then we have an excellent success rate for getting those penalties lowered or even completely eliminated. With our help your lender may even be persuaded to lower the principal amount that you owe, it is in the best interests of the creditor to get some of their money than to get none of it and they know that. We can also help you to find support services to help you to manage your debts.

Capital Securement

There are many places for a small business to get the funds to help them in times of trouble. The problem is that most entrepreneurs don't know that this sort of help exists for their small businesses. We offer help with government and other grant sources, with everything from finding the grant maker, to helping you with the paperwork to win the grant. When it comes to dealing with agencies like the Small Business Administration, it can be hard to find your way through all of the red tape and bureaucracy, our consultants can guide you through it all, showing you the best way to the funds that you need. We can even help you to find investors for your small business, people that can and want to help you out in times of trouble. Because we work so closely with so many different lenders and banks, we often get access to special bank offers, things that include lowering your interest rates, and extending your loan term all to lower your payments.

Custom Assessment and Solutions

Not all business problems are financial, but all problems do effect your bottom line. We can help you to streamline your business and to find out where problems lay. We offer custom management evaluations as well as employee evaluations, in order to help you get the most out of your payroll dollars. We can also do in-depth business assessments to see where you can make changes to make your business more efficient and perform better overall. If your business is not living up to it's potential we can help you to find out why and show you how to make sure that it is performing at it's absolute best.



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