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Monarch Small Business Consulting


We offer small business consulting services to a diverse group of clients in various industries. Some of our small business specialty areas are listed below.

Small Business Start-Up


We know that sometimes starting a business can be intimidating.  That's why we are here to help, we have the resources and the experience to get your dreams off the ground and keep them flying high for years to come.


Here's a quick glance at some of the tailor made services that we provide:

  • Sales training & scripts
  • Telemarketing training & scripts
  • Marketing plans
  • Needs assessments
  • Support services matching
    • –Accountants
    • –Lawyers
    • –Insurance Agents
    • –Ad Agencies
    • –Web Development
  • Capital location
    • –Grant locating
    • –SBA program guidance
  • Financial planning
  • Complete market analysis and demographics reports

Increase Sales and Profits


Every business can use a boost to it's sales as well as to it's profits.  Many business owners struggle with how to accomplish these goals, we have the programs and services to help you reach your goals.


Take a look at some of the services that we offer to help you get there:

  • Customized Sales Programs
  • Sales training and scripts
  • –10 steps to a sale system
  • –Buying motivation training
  • –Tracking of your prospect to sale conversion rates
  • Telemarketing training and scripts
    • –Successful "cold calling" strategies
    • –Turning incoming calls into profits
  • Advertising and Marketing plans
  • Sales events "creating urgency"
    • –Onsite and offsite events
    • –Special offer events
  • Sales coaching
  • Comprehensive market research & analysis
  • –Demographic studies and reports

Small Business Rescue


Sometimes businesses get off track, they run into problems that they need help to solve.  We have specialized programs to help businesses get out of trouble.  We can help them to get back on the right track FAST!


Here is a brief list of the services we offer that can help:

  • Debt re-negotiation
    • Deadline extensions
    • Penalty elimination
    • Lowered principal programs
  • Support services matching
  • Capital Securement
    • –Grant locating
    • –S.B.A. guidance
    • –Investor matching
    • –Non-traditional finance sourcing
    • –Special bank offers
  • Custom Assessment and Solutions
    • –Management evaluations
    • –Employee evaluations
    • –Business model assessment

Small and Home-Based Business Ideas


If you are thinking about starting a small or home based business, we can help you to find the one that is right for you.  We have hundreds of small businesses that you can start.  Our database is broken down by business type and then by specific businesses.  For example if you want to start a business dealing with real estate, or computers, or children's businesses then you can see lists of related businesses that might interest you.  Our basic list includes average start-up costs as well as a brief description and whether or not there are franchises available.



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