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     A well-written, professional resume is your ticket to the job you seek. We know exactly what employers are looking for and how to make this document effective.
     Many people don’t like their current job or career. Isn't it time to make a change? If you are looking for a new job, new career, or are fresh from school let us help you! 



Even when people have jobs, it's important that they have a resume on hand just in case their situation changes.  


If a person has a well-written and edited resume, that person has an advantage over a similarly accomplished employee who has a poorly written or generic resume.

Professional Resume Services JUST $50!!!

Our professional resume consultants are standing by to start work on your customized professionally written resume.  Other services charge up to several hundred dollars for resume writing, and they use standardized templates, that do not perform well.  For just $50 our company provides you with professionally written resumes that mazimize your success rate.



  1. Simply fill out the Resume Questionairre (below)
  2. Once you have completed it, click the submit button and you will be taken to our secure payment form. 
  3. Once your payment is processed our writers will immediately begin to produce your resume.

"Do I need a resume?"



If you think that you don't need to have a resume then you may want to read further.

There are many reasons why you need to have a resume and keep it ready so you can just make some modifications as, and when, required for a particular job that you are looking to land.

The Resume is the tool that will help you market yourself. You know that you are competing with others; regardless of what job you are aiming to get. How does a prospective employer figure out what your abilities or special talents are? The resume gives a summary of one's abilities and skills to a prospective employer at a glance.

Your resume precedes you; it is what makes that all important first impression on an employer, before you even meet them. It is the reason why they will want to meet with you; taking the possibly professional relationship to the next logical step. When a prospective employer is faced with a choice between a simple application for a job on one hand and a proper resume on the other, it is obvious which would generate more interest. The resume communicates to the employer, briefly, the prospective employee's capabilities; whereas the application is not able to do this.

What if you have no work experience at all? What then? Do you still need a resume? In a word, YES! Even with no job experience, you still need a resume that includes your educational qualifications, other useful skills that you may have, student posts that you may have held, summer jobs that you may have had, etc. All this can add to an impressive bundle of skills that could make an impression on an employer even when you have no actual work experience. You need a resume for pretty much any kind of work; even temporary or entry level positions.

A resume gives you a leg up to set you apart from other applicants who haven't bothered with a resume and are hoping to be able to get a foot in the door without one. So we've established that you really need a resume; and help is at hand. A number of sites offer free templates, or generic forms, but the problem is that they are generic, and they just DO NOT work! Our service is completely personalized and tailored to fit YOU! Our professional resumes are all unique, because all of our clients are unique, everyone's situation is different.

We work to set you apart from the competition and get you your dream job.



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