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It's simple, we do advertising for companies with no advertising department, and marketing for companies with no marketing department.  Our company fulfills those roles for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring the people to do these things in-house.

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Advertising Checklist
For businesses that are doing their own advertising, this checklist can help
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Marketing Plan Checklist
A checklist to help businesses with their marketing plans
Marketing plan checklist.pdf
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Newspaper ads that WORK

Many of our clients find that their newspaper ads are not as effective as they would like, or the ads are not generating the response that they want.  If you want your business to get results from it's newspaper ads, we can help.


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Telephone Wins

Telephone sales and marketing is a challenge for most small businesses, our clients benefit from our customized phone scripts to make every phone call a winning presentation.  Whether the calls are incoming or outgoing, we can show you how to make each one a real opportunity and give you the tools to maximize those opportuniities.


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Radio Ads Mean Dollars

Radio advertising is extremely effective, but most small businesses never pursue it.  There is a misconception that it is expensive, or that it is just for the "Bigger Guys".  In fact, dollar for dollar it is one of the best advertising mediums available.  Consider the idea that the only people that hear the ad are in your immediate area, they are already close by.  With radio there is no wasting your dollars getting a message in front of people that are too far away to buy!  You also get the advantage of being played in hundreds and even of thousands of small business locations, that means that you are prospecting in every waiting room, hair salon and department store in your area on top of every car, truck and van.  That is a LOT of exposure for your business!

Custom Brochures

When it comes to product or company brochures, many businesses waste their time and money using the same old tired templates, or they hire expensive copy writing and graphic design companies.  Instead why not use our custom designed brochures that are produced for your unique small business needs.


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We have the experience and the know how to help you sell more and make more, click to see how.


We specialize in professionally written resumes to help our clients ge their dream jobs. Click to see how we can help  and for FREE downloads and tips sheets

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