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Q.      What happens after I order consulting online?

A.      Once you place and order, it is processed through our bank, as soon as the funds are approved, one of our professional consultants will immediately contact you to find out about your business, your wants, needs and goals, for your small business. After that our team will go right to work to come up with proposals and solutions for you.


Q.      What kind of guarantees does you company provide?

A.      One of our biggest selling points is that we DO NOT offer any fake guarantees like so many companies do! We put together plans and proposals and we will even help you to implement them, but if someone chooses to not follow those programs or chooses not to implement them, then how can we guarantee anything? We always tell our clients “BEWARE of consultants       that offer guarantees, because they are just trying part you and your money”. What we do, is we work with our clients to make sure that we do everything   we can at every step along the way to ensure their success.


Q.      What is Monarch Small Business Consulting’s refund policy?

A.      All of our sales are final, on all of our products and services. We have never had a client ask for a refund. We work hard for our clients, our number one goal is customer satisfaction. Part of our company policy is that we want to make sure our clients succeed, because a successful client is one that will come back to us month after month to help them solve problems and help them to face challenges. We want our clients’ businesses to THRIVE, when our clients succeed, WE succeed.


Q.      How do I know this really works?

A.      This really works because, our consultants are experienced veterans in the small business world. These are people that have helped many entrepreneurs fake the challenges of business ownership, development and growth. All of our consultants are highly skilled professionals that understand what you are going through. You get to call on the knowledge and experience of an entire team of support people instead of going it alone. Just because you are in business FOR yourself does not mean you have to be in business BY yourself!


Q.      I don't know if this is a good investment (and/or I'm not sure I have the money to spare).

A.      When you work with Monarch Small Business Consulting, you are investing in your future and in the future and success of your business. We work with our clients on their schedules and on and hour by hour basis. There is NEVER a dollar wasted when you work with our company. Our goal is to maximize the return you see off of every dollar you spend with us. To really understand this, you have to understand our business model. We want to help our clients succeed because then they come back to us for additional services. We rely on repeat business. Our customers come back to us again and again because they KNOW that when they work with Monarch they are going to get back far more money than they spent. Your success, IS our success!


Q.      I'm not sure I can trust your business with my money.

A.      You can trust us with your money because we use only the most secure payment methods available. All of our transactions are handled through third party companies. Companies like PayPal and Bank of America. We constantly monitor the security of our transactions and the quality of our clients’ experience. We do not do internal payment processing, we prefer to utilize the best processing companies in the industry. We offer our clients the same or better payment security than companies like Amazon and EBay.


Q.      What do other people think about this offer?

A.      Other people think this is great and here's what they say…


Sarah W.

“Monarch took us from doing just okay, to doing GREAT! They showed us how to improve our profitability, while actually lowering our prices for our customers! …“

“Our sales jumped 33% within 60 days, my costs went down by 25% “

“Any of my friends and family that have a business or talk about starting one, I send to these guys.”

“If you want to succeed and I mean REALLY SUCCEED, you have got to hire these guys!”

For Sarah’s complete testimonial please go to our Client Testimonials page



Q.      I wonder if I can find this information or get this service without paying? Or for less money?

A.      To hire one person to handle all of your marketing needs, or to develop a sales system ortelephone scripts, or develop advertising for you or to find your business capital to operate or any of the other services that we provide you would have to pay someone at least $15-$20 an hour for 40 hours a week PLUS all the extra costs of having a phone for them, a desk for them, supplies for them, benefits for them, insurance and all of the added accounting and tax costs that come from having an extra employee, and that is for JUST one person, that doesn’t have the experience, contacts, knowledge or creativity that our consultants have. On top of that you would be hiring ONE person! When you work with our company you get an entire TEAM of people to support you and your business. We recently did a study and for one of our clients to hire even just 2 people with similar experience and success rates as our consultants, their annual cost would be right around $300,000!

We charge FAR less than our competitors with similar people and experience. In fact 2 of our competitors charge OVER $1,000 per hour. So why do we charge so much less? Because we work with Small Businesses and Small Business owners! We know that most of our clients don’t have enough money to spend $1000 an hour. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients and to keep working with them and having them spend their money with Monarch for years and years to come!


Q.      I worry about sharing my information online (or another privacy concern).

A.      Your information and privacy are 100% secure because we work with the top third party internet security companies in the world. Our web hosting company is second to none in internet security, and your information is NEVER sold! We spend so much time working with our clients and building lasting relationships with them that we do not see them as customers we see them as friends and we treat them that way.


When it comes right down to it, the benefits of working with Monarch Small Business Consulting are easy to see, one of our clients calls it the “This Is Awesome Effect”:


Point 1:       This is so awesome! You get to call on the experience and knowledge of a team of small business consultants whenever you need to. You get all the help and support you will ever need right here. You will make more money and improve your profits. Your business will thrive!


Point 2:       Seriously, it's really awesome. You have fewer headaches to deal with and the business just runs smoother and easier. There is so much less stress knowing that you have a partner to call on to help you with whatever you need. When things run smoother, it is more fun to be your own boss!


Point 3:       By the way. you don't need to worry about anything because these guys can help you with it all. There is no better company out there to do business with. Monarch goes the extra mile for everyone it deals with and they make sure that you are getting more for your dollar than you ever expected to!


Point 4:       See, it's really awesome. Monarch Small Business Consulting is ready to help you find your path to success! What are you waiting for? Take action because this is awesome!




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