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CONCERN: Hiring an outside adviser is only for big companies

FACT: In fact, it's for well run and managed companies no matter what their size...that's why some small businesses grow to be big.  

CONCERN: Consultants tell me what I already know

FACT: They may tell you what you know, but they also question why you're not doing it.  

CONCERN: I'm already too busy just running my business!

FACT: Running a business is responding to the day to day challenges, you have to start managing the business to take control of where you want your business to go.  

CONCERN: I don't have the money to spend on someone else's advice

FACT: It's about your priorities and an outside perspective might be the expenditure that turns things around for the business.  

CONCERN: I'm the person who knows how to run my business

FACT: Over 80% of business owners know how to deliver their product or service but don't know how to manage the business that does that delivering.  

CONCERN: Now is just not right time to hire a consultant

FACT: There was never a more important time to know what you're good at and open yourself to find a specialist who can bring a new perspective to your real challenges and solutions.  

CONCERN: The economy is just slowing us down

FACT: The economy may be part of your challenge but in most cases it isn't the only challenge.

Fortune 500 CEOs were asked which factor contributed most to their success... and many listed  "an effective mentor" as one of the key factors.


Business Consulting Services:

◾Business Growth and Expansion

◾Executive Development and Recruitment

◾Financial Management

◾Profit Engineering

◾Pricing Strategy

◾Profitability Improvement

◾Sales and Marketing Planning

◾Strategic Planning for the Future

◾Turnaround and Restructuring

◾Organizational Structure

◾Management Reporting Systems

◾Operational Strategy and Process Improvement

◾Productivity and Incentives

◾Competitive Analysis


You don't have to take on the current Business environment by yourself!!

Are these some of the troublesome challenges you are facing?

  1. Your sales are fluctuating and your profits are shrinking.
  2. Your lack of capital is affecting your ability to expand!
  3. You're struggling with the fact that you may not have the right people in place to grow the business.
  4. You're concerned that you may not have effectively communicated your business plan to your stakeholders.
  5. You're frustrated by your inability to pay your suppliers on a timely basis!
  6. You're confused by the fact that your strategies are not producing your desired results!
  7. Does your business have systems in place that create meaningful and timely reports?
  8. Does your business have a plan to achieve controlled growth?
  9. Does your business have a plan to increase profits?
  10. Does your business have the resources to correct areas that require attention or change?

10 Guidelines To Grow Your Business

 1. Develop a strategic plan. Many business owners measure their success by how hard they work and whether there is enough money to cover payroll, but in reality they operate best with a strategic plan and methodology for measuring and executing that plan.

 2. Stay flexible to changes in the strategic plan. A strategic plan should be a work in progress that evolves in accordance with long term goals.

 3. Although flexibility is important, it does not mean that a business should be run without a strategic plan. Transform yourself from company expert to master strategist. Focus on planning the future business success by creating a leadership team and delegating duties.

 4. This strategy might require an extensive role change, but will help to obtain more control for the future success of the company. Focus on short-term growth. Key company goals should be monitored daily and weekly rather than monthly. By focusing on business growth in the short term there will be far less concern over the long term.

 5. Develop reporting systems. Strategies cannot be implemented without reporting systems that track critical numbers. A daily review helps to measure and clarify where company efforts need to be enhanced as well as holds each employee accountable for performance.

 6. Hold a daily management meeting. A daily meeting creates the intensity and focus needed for business owners to identify problems and issues before they get out of control. Meetings should focus on one key issue.

 7. Control costs by budgeting percentages. Control costs by measuring a percentage rather than an absolute basis. Daily or weekly percentage increases and decreases should signal change and help to determine why inconsistencies might exist.

 8. Offer incentives to key business drivers. All employees have the ability to drive or stall the business. Creative incentives that drive should contribute to both the profitability and mission of the company. Fair incentives should be tied to specific measurables that each employee has control over.

 9. Create a new management model. Creating a new management model allows for updating as well as preparing the business for positive change. Incorporate all levels of employees in both the thought and implementation process.

 10. Play to win. These guidelines are easier and more enjoyable to adhere to when a company aims high and plays to win. A business that survives is the one that plans to innovate, allows for constant change and plays to win.



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