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Hello, my name is Sarah, I own my own small business, catering to horse enthusiasts. I actually ASKED Monarch Small Business Consulting if I could do a testimonial FOR THEM!  My business deals with everything from locating the perfect horse for a customer, to training, to finding boarding,  on up to brokering sales.


We were doing just okay for a long time, I wanted more out of my business,  that's when I found Monarch Small Business Consulting, they were  a game changer.


Monarch took us from doing just okay, to doing GREAT! They showed us how to improve our profitability , while actually lowering our prices for our customers! They helped us to implement marketing to bring us more clients, and how to keep our previous clients coming back and sending us even MORE business! They taught us how to improve our relationships with our affiliates and our vendors, got us preferential pricing.


In short, when after we brought these guys in, our sales jumped 33% within 60 days,  my costs went down by 25% just from following the consultants suggestions and their incredible programs.  Any of my friends and family that have a business or talk about starting one, I send to these guys.


I know how hard it is to be a small business owner and I want EVERYONE to experience what I have with Monarch Small Business Consulting.  If you want to succeed and I mean REALLY SUCCEED, you have got to hire these guys!

Rory M.

Monarch helped us to increase our sales by 1/3.  Their team was supportive and helpful, our employees learned a lot and we as owners are just… well we are just BETTER!  Our sales are up, our margins are up, our business is thriving!

Dave L.

I own a real estate company and our business was struggling.  I contacted Monarch Small Business Consulting to try and help us get on the right path.  Our consultant listened to us and watched how our business ran and started offering us advice, just simple things at first, on how we could improve.  I don’t just mean our sales either.  She showed us how to get more listings, how to get more traffic to our website, how to improve our customer satisfaction, and a dozen other things.  She helped us in every facet of our business.  Thank you Monarch Small Business Consulting!

Jennifer B.

My partner and I own a small business in a small town.  It is a coffee shop, salon and gift shop all in one building.  The people at Monarch helped us find a location, negotiate the price, then helped us structure our business.  They helped us get incorporated and get all of that paperwork done, got our tax stuff figured out, matched us with an accountant, and attorney, a bank, and vendors.  They helped us with the hiring and with finding us contractors for renovations.  We use them to find our machines and equipment, even the furniture.  They built our website, the set us up on social media.  They worked with us every step of the way.  They held our hand through the entire process and kept us from making the mistakes I have watched other new businesses make. 


We have been in business for 9 months now and we started turning a profit our first month in business.  I mean literally in our first month, the business was paying all of it’s own bills, and we started building a safety net.  By our third month we had enough saved up in our business accounts that we have a 3 month safety net.  After that we started paying ourselves back for the money we initially invested.  It has been an amazing experience, and so much easier than I ever dreamed!

Steve S.

If you are looking to start a business, these are the guys to call!  My wife and I owned some land and we didn’t really know what we wanted to do with it.  We sat down with an advisor and had some long discussions about or goals and our experience and all the things we had thought of and we wound up building storage units.  The business plan that these people wrote for us helped us to get grants and loans, it cost us next to nothing to get this started.  Now we are looking to expand!  And I tell you what, we are going to use these people for our expansion plans too!

Andrea W.

Our insurance business has gone up 25% in 3 months by following Monarch’s advice.

Karrie K

Monarch Small Business Consulting took me from selling my crafts and jewelry on Etsy and Ebay and making about $1200 a month and got me set up with my own website and on facebook selling and other things and helped me grow.  Now I make around $4,000 a month selling my stuff and I have sent 5 friends to Monarch Small Business Consulting to get help with their stuff too, and they have ALL had the same experience!

Laura H.

My husband and I are just an old retired couple with a second hand store, we sell furntiture and glassware and household stuff and electronics, basically everything you find in storage units.  We were failing, we were planning on going out of business and just trying to figure out how to do that without losing all of our savings in the process.  We started looking on line for some help getting out of our debt and getting rid of our inventory.  We read the stuff on this website and we decided to give them a call.  The young man that we met with was incredible!  While he was at our store he actually helped us load a china hutch into a woman’s truck, just took off his suit jacket and jumped right in.  Well right there we were surprised, first time he was in our store, we hadn’t paid a dollar, and here he is just helping out.


So we sat and we explained what was going on, and he listened, really listend, took notes and asked a lot of questions.  After about an hour or 2 and a lot of tears, he started talking to us about maybe not closing down.  He talked to us about better ways to sell, how to use the internet and how to get more people through our doors.  I really think that we decided to give it one more try because he helped move that silly old hutch, just seemed like a good person.  That was 2 years ago! We are astill in business and love it!


They tripled our monthly sales. Our store is in a depressed area, lots of poor folks and it’s a college town so there are a lot of students.  I have watched 6 stores on the same main street we are in get new people in them, only to watch them go back out in a few months, while we are doing so well.  I bet on this main street I have seen 20 business come and go in the last year alone.  And we just keep on plugging away.  In the first 3 weeks we sold $3200 on facebook alone because of the system they put us on.  We sold more on ebay and stuff too, but it was the huge boost in our foot traffic that really made the difference for us.  They saved us and they saved our savings!

Kyle C.

Monarch Small Business Consulting got me 3 different grants to start my business.  I started my landscaping business with NO money out of my own pocket.  Enough said.

James R.

I am the General Manager for a large auto dealer.  We have new and used cars, we sell around 700 a month.  Well, we do now.  We were down to around 400 a month for an average and things were slipping and getting worse.  Our owner had let his son take over and things were not going well.  Actually they were going terrible.  No one was making any money and we were having trouble keeping sales people.  Our inventory was a mess and our service department was slow, and they had open R.O.s on everything.  It was terrible.  We were getting killed.  Our General Sales Manager had come from another store that had used Monarch to get them back on track.  He talked me into giving them a call and just talking to them a bit.  I was surprised at the results they were claiming and more surprised that they really knew the industry so well.    I was impressed enough with what I heard that I set up a meeting for them with our owner (not the son).


The man they sent out to us knew the car business as well as anyone I had ever met.  He had connections at banks and dealer services, he knew sales and service and F&I, he knew how everything worked.  He knew about the auctions and car buying he understood it all.  We sat in that initial meeting really kind of walking through what the last year had looked like and what the changes were and our theories as to why, and then discussed the things we had tried to do to course correct.  We went through our inventory and everything else you can imagine.  After that we went and really walked the lot (this was over the course of a few days).  At the end of it all, he had a plan for us and I mean a PLAN!  It was point by point written out, not just what we should do, but how they would help us to do it and the results that they projected.  I thought the projections were pie in the sky, just someone promising the world, but our owner was despereate.

We used Monarch, we decided to try something different.  They put us on this low cost high impact marketing program focusing on social media and the internet but also some simple old school stuff done differently (things they called bumpy mailers for example).  It had great results.  Alongside the new marketing program, they revamped how our whole sales system works.  I have been in the car business for 30 years and I had never seen anything like it.  The whole thing was…. Well it struck me as insane…. At first, but then I saw how it worked, how it changed the salesmen’s whole demeanor and how it changed the customers responses.  We were getting customers to see us as, well more like professional consultants ourselves.  They were talking to our guys the same way you would talk to a Dr. for medical advice, or a lawyer for legal advice, we were there advising them and they were listening to our guys.  Suddenly we had a lot full of laydowns it seemed like.  I mean the whole thing was amazing and still is.  The way we desk our deals is different the way we approach customers is different and it WORKS!

Tara N.

AMAZING!  This is the real deal!  These guys wrote us a business plan that the loan officer said was “the best I have ever seen”

Jesse V.

I am a pizza business franchisee.  We are pretty limited in what we can do to grow our business.  I own 5 different restaurants with the same franchise.  Sales were just okay.  This place made them GREAT!

Stephanie D.

Our small hardware store can’t afford a big marketing budget, we couldn’t afford to hire professionals to do things like our books.  So my husband and I did it all.  We worked a million hours a week and never seemed to get anywhere at all.  Monarch put together a shared marketing plan where we shared advertising with other local small businesses, and that improved our sales.  They got us shared time with other small businesses with an accountant to have our books done.  They found us ways to save money on our insurance.  They cut our costs and they improved our sales.  Now we have 5 employees and we went on a vacation!

Mike F.

Because of these people I was able to put my daughter in college.  They improved our sales enough that I could do that.  Thank you Monarch.

Jay W.

The company I worked for went out of business, and I was looking for work.  Wasn’t having much luck finding work.  I was sending out so many resumes but it was getting me nowhere.  I had monarch redo my resume and cover letter.  After that, I sent out 15 copies, got 12 interviews and 10 job offers.  I was the same me, my experience was the same, the only thing that changed was my resume.

Larry T.

I own a small buy here pay here carlot in a small town.  Using a custom sales program designed by Monarch just for us, our closing ratio doubled.  Yep, I said it doubled!

Rebecca K.

Monarch says “Contact us if you want to make more money”. I did want to, so I did contact them and now I do make more money!

Kim L.

Thanks to Monarch Small Business Consulting I now own a Vehicle and Vessel Titling Sub-Agency with my state.  They wrote our state proposal, they wrote our business plan and they coached me on how to handle the interview process.  I won the proposal process and got the sub-agency all because of them!

Diane R.

I run a specialty lingerie shop in the south, Monarch built me a website, they helped me get loans, and they helped me find models.  Now my business is growing by leaps and bounds.



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