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Monarch Small Business Consulting is a consulting firm focused on helping small businesses solve the complex challenges and decisions facing their company today. Monarch Small Business Consulting consultants helps it's clients to achieve and maintain success.

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Our consulting services provide several unique benefits that most other companies just cannot offer.

First, we offer 100% electronic consulting and support. Most of our clients never need to sit down in person with our consultants. Most of our services can be provided over the phone and internet, we do business this way because we know you are busy running your company. Other companies ask owners and managers to sit down with them in person for time wasting lengthy discussions and interviews, just to pad their bills, we don’t. We don’t take up our clients’ valuable time in this way. Instead we work with you, on your schedule, in your time.

By working with clients this way it offers them flexibility and convenience. It is also one of the reasons why our prices are so much lower than other companies. We are able to provide top level professional services without the added expense of travel and transportation costs. While some companies may not outwardly charge for these things, it is definitely worked into their pricing.

We also do not do “package pricing”, where you can buy things like a “Start-up” program for one flat price, or a “Marketing” program for one fixed rate. Instead we always work for clients on an hourly basis. This is because no two clients are alike. We do not do template, one size fits all, cookie cutter programs, because we realize that all of our clients are unique. Instead we provide every client with exactly what they need when they need it.

Working on an hourly basis saves our clients money because they don’t ever get overcharged. With our company you only pay for the actual time that you are using. In some cases you may pay another service $1,000 for a “Marketing Program” and they sell you the same old tired stuff that they sell to all of their customers, which means they are charging you for hours of work someone else has already paid for and you are getting second rate work from them to boot! Most of us don’t get paid over and over for the same work we did a month ago, or a year ago, so why should you pay someone else that way?

We also offer customized billing options to our clients. If you want to know an hour by hour break down of how we worked for you then we can provide it, but many clients don’t want to see that sort of thing, they just care about the end product and results, so we can custom fit your billing report to either preference, and to everything in between. That way you only get the information that you want and need. This makes even our billing work FOR you. That is just one more way that we offer you easy to understand information.


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Monarch Small Business Consulting provides support and solutions for small business. To find out more about how we can help your company, please take a look at our introductory presentation

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